Breakfast Review-White Horse Cafe

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Greetings from the KC Soul Sisters.  Friday we tried out a new place for breakfast named the White Horse Cafe located in Parkville, Missouri.  Annette had the Americana and Sandi and I had eggs and Toast.  I had scrambled with peppers and onions, Sandi had poached.  For the most part this was a good place for breakfast.  The food was good, the prices decent and the waitress we had was very good and personable.  Normally when we go out for breakfast it is on a Friday morning around 9:00 m.  Most places we have been to recently are very busy.  This place only had 2 other tables filled which usually is not a good sign.  It was the first time for us at this place and it was good but a little bit run of the mill.  If you are in the Parkville area, give it a try.  Hopefully business will pick up for the White Horse Cafe, otherwise based on the competition in the area, they may not be around very long.  That being said, we do hope they become a successful restaurant for the area.


Happy Valentines Day from the KC Soul Sisters

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Happy Valentines Day to our sweethearts and to all our friends, family and other Soul Sisters that follow our blog.  Take this day to tell your partner how much you love them.  Do something out of love for a friend, co-worker, child, or a stranger.  Spread kindness today!

Kuddos to Clint Eastwood

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From KC Soul Sister Johniann:


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The movie “The 15:17 To Paris” is the story of 3 friends that happened to be on the Train from Amsterdam to Paris when a Terrorist came aboard heavily armed with the intent on widespread murders.  You probably remember this event in the news and hearing about the 3 American young men who took this guy down and virtually saved hundreds of lives.  We went to see this movie over the weekend and while its not the most amazing movie I have ever seen, it was good and it kept me engaged and interested the whole time.  I found myself watching this thru my eyes of a mother.  I am a mother of 2 sons and I understand the dynamic of boys/young men and the friendships they share.  I have watched my own sons create and keep friendships they forged all the way back to grade school.  I could actually imagine my own sons and their friends jumping in to take action.  That thought scares me to death but I do think that they would not just sit there if there was something they could do.    The best part of this movie and why I give HUGE Kuddos to Clint Eastwood is because he actually chose these 3 young men to play themselves in this movie.  I am sure it was a risk for him in making the movie without experienced actors, but they did an amazing job.  Before I went to the movie, I  had read that they were playing themselves and for me it added to the enjoyment of the film. The movie did a good job of re-creating the actual event and showing the friendships the 3 young men shared. So while I give Kuddos to Clint Eastwood for making the film with these young men playing themselves, I  also give a heartfelt thanks to Alek Scarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler for the steps they took that day and the Heros that they are!

We Love Live Music and Dancing!

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Here are the KC Soul Sisters enjoying weekend nights out dancing to Live Music. Now that we are in this “decade” of our lives, we have more time to go out and about.  Back when our kids were all at home we had their schedules as our first priorities and not as much free time as all of you parents out there can understand.  The photos above are from when we were out on weekend nights.  There are several great venues in KC that we enjoy.  For summer nights we LOVE Paul and Jack’s and Christine’s Firehouse in North Kansas City.   Paul and Jack’s has live bands on the weekends and they all perform outdoors.  It is a favorite on a beautiful warm summer night.  Christine’s is a small “hole in the wall” with a great variety of bands and they also serve an amazing Giant Tenderloin and Friday Night is Steak night (Filet’s) for $14.99. Knuckleheads is a well known music venue in Kansas City that we visit from time to time.  If you are NOT from Kansas City but happen to visit, keep these places in mind.  Paul and Jacks and Christine’s Firehouse are probably NOT listed on any tourist visiting lists but a great “local” find that we think you will enjoy.   WE have some favorite local bands that we love to dance to;  Cherry Bomb is a very popular local band.  We also enjoy Funk Syndicate, the Ronni Ward Band, and Platinum Express.

Keep Your Body Moving!

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January 27, 2018..Greetings from the KC Soul Sisters.  Yesterday we had breakfast together and discussed exercise. Ha ha funny we were eating and talking about exercise!  We try to keep our bodies moving as everything you hear and read always touts the benefits of exercise.  It is so easy to make excuses not to work out.  Too tired, too busy, don’t feel like it, etc.  In all honesty, we have all come up with excuses but the truth is that once we complete the task we ALWAYS FEEL BETTER that we did!  The KC Soul Sisters each do our own thing and we do things together too.  Having workout friends is always a good thing!  Annette loves Yoga and attends Yoga classes several times a week.  Johniann likes group fitness because of the varied class choices and the group helps with motivation.  Sandi likes working out at home and has the discipline to follow through.   For group fitness we attend Maple Woods Community College Fitness Center.  If you live in the North land of Kansas City we highly recommend Maple Woods Fitness Center.  Great instructors and a great bunch of work out buddies.  Annette goes to Yoga at In Bliss Yoga Studio in Riverside.   In Bliss offers a variety of class times and Yoga for beginners and experts.  As you enter your 50’s and 60’s it is very important to keep the body moving.  Find something you like and that you can stick to and keep your body moving.  Below are a couple of our work out shots.  Enjoy

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Notice Sandi’s workout buddy 🙂

Faux Fun Yet Fabulous!

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Greetings from Soul Sister Johniann see photos below:

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I love sparkle and bling!  I received this beautiful necklace for Christmas from my hubby.

It is sparkly and beautiful and I have vowed to myself to wear it almost everyday and not for some special dress up occasion.  The necklace and ring are nice “Diamond Art” cubic zirconia stones set in sterling silver.  The ring is a nice band of the same “Diamond Art”.  These 2 outstanding pieces came from JC Penney’s.  After receiving the necklace I went on line and ordered the ring as a gift to myself! The necklace is Web ID 2921004 and was on sale for around $179.  The ring is Web ID 2926085 and was on sale for around $80.  I have noticed they have the necklace at $250 right now but keep an eye on it as I am sure it will be offered lower around Valentines Day.    I know some people would only wear the “real” thing but at this stage in life I would rather spend my dollars on experiences such as traveling, concerts, restaurants etc. so the Faux sparkles suit me just fine.   If you like BLING but don’t want to spend a fortune check out JC Penny’s ladies.

Great Gift Idea

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Friday Jan 19, 2018

Greetings from Soul Sister Sandi:

Happy Friday Everyone!  I wanted to share this gift I received because its awesome!

Look at this:

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My darling daughter Ari gave me the gift of Fragrance for Christmas.  A bottle of perfume but with a twist.  This was purchased at Sephora.  It is a box of 16 various perfume samples and a “gift card”. The idea is that you get to try out all these various sample fragrances and once you find your favorite, you return to Sephora with your “gift card” that is included in the box and turn in the gift card for a full bottle of your favorite.   I have had so much enjoyment from this box so far…. getting to try a new fragrance every day!  There are several high end fragrances included in the box such as Tom Ford, Versace and Chloe to name a few.  I have not decided yet which one I will choose yet because I am still having fun experiencing each fragrance.

The good news is that I learned that Sephora will be offering a box for Valentines Day and Mothers Day.  There will also be a box offered for Father’s Day.    While I don’t know the exact price of the box since it was a gift, it is most likely the price of a full bottle of cologne.   The next time you are in Sephora take a look.  This box will make a great gift for someone or when you are in the mood to buy your self a gift!  ENJOY